North Wales

Llanberis lakeThere are numerous places to visit and things to do in North Wales.
Visitors can take in the scenery by riding the Cambrian Coast Express, a railway that operates between the small Welsh town of Machynlleth and the shipping village of Porthmadog. Rhuddlan Castle is a lovely castle for tourists in the northern part of Wales.

Built in the late 13th century under the reign of King Edward I, it is one of Wales’ great fortifications, forming a protected river dock on one side and sporting a distinctive diamond-shaped inner courtyard. Denbigh Castle dates from around the same time and shows a distinctive triple-towered gatehouse which serves as the link between the town and the castle itself.

An earlier castle, built in the early 13th century was the Dolbadarn Castle, complete with a huge round-tower that still stands 50 feet high.

The above picture is the Llanberis Lake .

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